Friday, April 24, 2009

Something 'cute' to share

This poem was in the recent Keepers At Home issue (spring 2009). While I would not go to this extreme, I can relate :~) It is important to be somewhat flexible so our guests will be more comfortable. Yet at the same time, if we are the guest, we must be able to adapt to what the hostess is serving. Of course there are some with legitimate food allergies ... but in general, we should eat whatever is put before us ... and be thankful for it!

Junk Food To the Rescue

We thought we'd have the neighbors come
To share a meal with us.
I'd cook up something extra nice ...
Gourmet ... home made ... delicious!

I sat right down to plan each course.
That's when the trouble started.
And very soon I gave a sigh,
Discouraged and down-hearted.

She can't eat beef, he won't eat fish;
The children don't like chicken.
The very thought of vegetables
Would cause them all to sicken.

"I simply can't eat strawberries!"
That's what the lady said,
While he prefers (can you believe?)
That pasty store-bought bread.

She told me she's not fond of pie,
While pudding makes her sick.
The children won't eat fruit at all,
So that won't do the trick.

Should I just cancel everything?
I fear they might feel hurt.
I know!!! I'll buy some hot dogs,
And Twinkies for dessert!

-Darlene Miller