Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Supper Tunic Shirt

(A guest post from Becky) I finally have something new to post, yippee!  I have been looking for a nice super tunic (just an extra long tunic) pattern to make, but I hadn't found a pattern that would look nice with the length added.  Here is the finished product of 5 days worth of ripping and sewing, configuring and brainstorming.  I am really happy with the results, especially since I made the pattern from just looking at a picture!  I don't know if I will ever make another one like it since I had no idea how it turned out the way it did!  True to style, I didn't have any pattern pieces and I didn't write anything down, because I was just sewing and fixing as I went along.  It worked though, so I'm happy with it!

here is the picture that used from http://www.shukronline.com/

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hot Breakfast Extravaganza

Most of you might think this is yucky, but we have tried it an like it ... I encourage you to do the same (if you don't already).

We often have hot cereal for breakfast ... oatmeal, grits, teff, or whatever. But many times we do not finish all that is in the pan. In the past I have tried to add the left-over hot cereal to muffins or quick breads. The flaw in this however is that either 1) I do not feel like making muffins or quick breads right at that moment ... so ... 2) it sits in the fridge, gets forgotten, starts growing and then gets thrown away. I really HATE throwing food away so I always end up feeling bad.

That is until I found a solution!

I now have a 1 gallon sturdy plastic honey jug that I keep in my chest freezer. Whenever there is left-over hot cereal, the breakfast person scrapes the contents of the pan out into the honey bucket in the freezer. This has become our left-over hot breakfast bucket. When it's full, I take it out and put it in the fridge. The next few days we have what looks like slop for breakfast ... but it tastes really good! Best of all, we are using up something that would have eventually been thrown away ... that's almost like having two or three 'free' meals.

We do the same thing for left-0ver broth and veggies ... they have their own bucket and this eventually becomes some sort of soup. If we have a little meat, we might throw that in the bucket too.