Hello and thank you for visiting! My name is Joanne and I am a single mother to three wonderful children (I really enjoyed homeschooling them!) - Tylor ('93), Brianna ('95) and Corban ('97) - with lots of help and support over the years from my church family whom I love dearly. We live in the corner of SW Missouri and have plenty of opportunities to learn new skills and practice acquired skills.

I was raised by my dad and grew up around all men. I did not have a clue how to clean or cook but as I got older and in to my early 20s I quickly learned the basics and moved on to other things, all with the goal of living as simply and healthfully as possible. Though I've had formal training in food service, I believe hands-on experience is the best teacher.

This blog is a place where ...

- I can keep a little bit of a journal for personal reference
- I can share with others and hopefully get some feedback with good ideas and helps. I am always open for suggestions and tips!! Maybe I'll even be able to pass along what I've learned to others.

Please feel free to add you comments in the posts you read ... share what has worked for you on the subject at hand, ask questions, give additional tips, or whatever - we can all learn more!

I have been trying to build my youtube channel as well. Here is a link to it: Heritage Homestead
If you are interested, I also have another blog titled: Few There Be That Find It
And our church website: Early Church Truth (The Church of Monett)