Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pancake mix in bulk ...

We had a large bag of brown rice flour that needed to get out of the way. The only thing we have been using it for is rice pancakes; once a week or so I'd make enough to last us two meals. Last month I decided to use it all up by making several batches of pancake mix (all the dry stuff). Here's what Brianna and I did:

I decided to do each batch individually rather than doing them all together. I gathered all the bowls and pans I thought I needed. I think I used 14? I measured out all the dry ingredients into each bowl. (4c flour [can use rice or wheat or half wheat and half corn], 3T baking powder, 1t salt, 1/4c sugar - or leave out if you are using liquid sweetener)

I made the press-and-seal / food-saver bags and Brianna labeled them with the proper wet ingredients so anyone making it would know what to add to it. (almost 4c of liquid (water, buttermilk, milk, non-dairy milk, whatever), 1/4c oil, 4 eggs and the sweetener if it's liquid)

Next I poured the dry ingredients into the bags.

And then I sealed them ...

The finished work.

This took a little over an hour to do from start to finish. This was our first time using the food-saver, so next time it might be a little quicker. Freezer zip-bags can also be used; I used the food-saver because that's what I had on hand.
We all found that we like to have the mix on-hand - it's much quicker to make up a batch of pancakes than it was before. We use them for breakfast, snacks, or as a bread with supper. I just use the basic recipe in my "New Cookbook"; I substitute brown rice flour instead of whole wheat (but will use whole wheat if I do not have rice) and used half the amount of suggested oil.
Next time I might just convert the basic recipe and make enough for a huge bucket of mix and then just scoop out about 4c and 2T of the mix and add the wet ingredients. This way I will not have to have a bunch of bags ... just one big bucket.