Thursday, March 24, 2011

Picky eaters take note ...

A quote from 1930:

"People eat finicky nowadays. When I was young, we relished blood sausage, brains and eggs, sheep-head soup, fish-head chowder, kidney stew, and mountain oysters - all good, solid, nourishing foods. Yet today's youngsters couldn't be paid to eat them."

Mrs. A. Keller, age 98

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Snacks on the go

OK, listen up. Are you listening? Ok, good. DO NOT BUY JUNK FOOD WHEN YOU ARE OUT AND ABOUT!! Did you hear that? Well, just in case, here it is again: DO NOT BUY JUNK FOOD WHEN YOU ARE OUT AND ABOUT!!

First, it's junk. There is little to no nutritional value to it and in fact it does harm to your body.
Second, it's junk. Empty calories that do not fill you up ... you are still left hungry.
Third, it's junk. Paying high dollars per ounce or pound when you could pay so much less for something that is healthy for you.

So, what can you do instead? Plan ahead. If you know you are going to be out during a meal time, bring along a homemade snack, a piece of fruit, a carrot, etc. I understand that planning ahead is not always an option, so if you find yourself out and needing a snack, please do not stop at the fast food place and select something off the dollar menu. Please do not stop at the grocery store and grab a candy bar or bag of chips. How about a banana? They are so good, are filling, are cheap, easy to eat in the car, etc. Brianna and I had to stop at the store after our job today and it was lunch time. I bought two bananas to tide us over till I could get home and get lunch cooked. Yum! Carrots too are easy to eat in the car. Yesterday we were in Joplin because I had a dentist appointment; we always stop at Aldis while there. We snacked on carrots on the drive home. I stopped to get gas and put the carrot in my pocket ... how simple is that?!

Our bananas cost us $.20 each, were sweet, delicious, easy to eat in the car, etc. A tiny little candy bar costs $.75 now ... I just cannot believe that!!! ("I remember when I was young _______.") Of course I could have bought 2 candy bars for $1.50 (or taken the 'frugal route' [NOT] and shared a king size candy bar for $1.00) ... we would have loaded up on sugar, fat, etc. and would have still been left craving more because there is no nutritional value or substance there. And too, I would have had blood sugar problems!!

Please don't spend money like that - skip the junk food. PLan ahead or stop by the store real quick and grab a back of apples, a bunch of bananas, some oranges, grapes, etc.