Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hot summer days

Blah. It's hot. Hot. Hot. Hot. Praise the Lord. We have had a lot of chances to practice patience, long suffering, endurance, etc.

I cannot remember a time when we've done more laundry. Clothes are soaked through with sweat every day and stink. I am thankful for a washing machine and a laundry line right outside in the back yard. We used to have to walk past the church and across the street :)

The garden is suffering. The crops are suffering. Everything is dying. But, praise the Lord!

By mid-afternoon I am so wiped out that the last thing I want to do is prepare and cook supper. I may only have 3 (nearly adult) children, but I also feed several grown men. It's a blessing :) The last several days I have been preparing supper in the MORNING or at the very latest, preparing it along with lunch. I get everything ready that can be ready and then store it in the fridge. I take it out and cook it whenever it needs to be cooked in order to be done by supper time. It has been a great help to have this done and off my mind long before I start to get too tired to function normal.

Chicken and rice (cp - crockpot), quiche with veggies (cp), lasagna, enchiladas (cp), sweet potato stew stuff (cp), and so on ... all have been ready and waiting for us whenever it's time to eat. What a blessing!