Sunday, March 12, 2017

Mason Jar Storage

Can you believe it? I'm still here! 

The other week we worked really hard to organize our garage. It felt so good getting rid of the trash and finding a place for everything. One of my main projects was to get all of my empty mason jars in order. Admittedly, I am not yet done, however I'm off to a great start. I still have a few more boxes of jars in another location, and there might be some hiding in the barn. 

I bought Bankers Boxes at Sam's Club; 18 quart jars per box ... 12 upright on the bottom, and 6 horizontal on top. The box lid bumps up a little, but I figured it would be ok since it will just be sitting there. Here are a few photos.

The first 12 fit so perfectly.

The next 6 on their sides.

Stored off the ground on top of crates.
That's what I have so far. I'll probably have to put the canners on top of the shelf instead of down below so I can fit more boxes. Or maybe not since I plan on canning a bunch of meat these upcoming weeks.

I love the way this project turned out and believe it was well worth the money spent on the boxes. There's just something about uniformity that makes things look all the more tidy.


  1. Oh, my! That is a good idea! I didn't even know those boxes are available. Thank you for sharing. :)

    1. No problem - I'm glad to know you found it helpful!


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