Friday, August 22, 2014

Old Schoolhouse Free Digital Planners

There is a coupon right now where you can get all of The Old Schoolhouse's digital homeschool planners for free. I just did it and it works ... though I had to register with two different places (the place that the coupon goes through [educents] and The Old Schoolhouse). I'm not sure but they might start bombarding me with junk email and junk snail mail; I guess time will tell.

Here is the coupon if you are interested:
It's good for 8 more days I think. Just go to the link and follow the instructions. An email will be sent to you with links to all the digital planners (5 total). You have to add each one to your cart and then enter the coupon code.

I have downloaded them all but have only browsed through the highschool one (they offer primary, middle, highschool, special needs and schoolhouse planners). The highschool one is a 401 page pdf with a TON of stuff in it, including 'must know' lists like science, math, English and other subject info, bible stuff, and more. Calenders, blank forms/sheets (like goals, to-do, assignments, hour tracking, community service log, etc), address book and so much more.

The "Schoolhouse Planner" is a zip file containing all sorts of things relating to homeschooling and housekeeping ... however I have not looked at it yet!

I hope this is of use to someone. Have a great day!


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