Saturday, March 17, 2012

Chicken update

This is the second post today ... be sure to check the one right before this about gardening.

Our chickens sure are growing! So much has happened with them since the last post. To see the other posts about the chickens, click on the label below this post that says, "Chickens".

The chicks really like Brianna's rabbit, Lily. They run around with her, jump on her back and take a ride, cuddle up next to her and sleep, and so on. Here is a picture of a chick resting on her back and one sleeping right next to her:

Here is one roosting on my head! Silly birds.

And here is one sleeping with her head hanging down. It looks uncomfortable to me, but I guess it did not bother her; she was like that for a good while.

Coming out of the cage; this picture is several days old by now:

Resting on the bar.

Olen was playing with the chicks ... they all like to make so much noise whenever we are eating supper; I guess they just want to be part of the conversation?! Olen got out his phone and started playing different ring tones. They all shut up real quiet and just looked and looked at the phone. It was so cute. As long as he played the ring tones, they looked at the phone and were quiet. But the second he stopped, the all started cackling again.

D.D. has some sort of raw spot on the back of her neck. Since it was a little red, the other chicks picked at it and caused it to get worse...

So we tried to bandage D.D. up ... that lasted long enough to take the photo, and then she quickly got it off!

Our solution? We made a special cage just for her. She looked lonely though, so we also put in one other chick that is very gentle. We have been putting Melagel on D.D. 3 times a day and her feathers are starting to grow back. We also got the two chicks a nicer cage instead of this box, but we don't have a picture of that yet:

Me with Goldie.

Here is Susan, our biggest chick. As you can see, they are getting much too big to have inside!

We finally moved them out to their coop yesterday. They were all getting much too big to fit comfortably in the inside pen, and plus it was hard to keep our house from smelling like a chicken barn! It was about 80 degrees yesterday, so we let them into the fenced area to roam. They really enjoyed that! We'll get a picture of them inside the coop soon.


  1. It's wonderful to see what you are doing with the chicks! Thanks for sharing.

  2. The chicks are cute! It looks like you all are really enjoying them! :) Love the pictures!
    I had a chicken that I named Goldie before too! :)
    Miss you all!


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